JTG is one of the world’s leading distributors in branded premium fragrances, high-end skincare, cosmetics and other beauty related products. For over 25 years we offer our customers best in class service through a unique and sophisticated distribution model which allows us to deliver beauty products 24/7 365 days per year. In a rapidly changing market we stand out by offering tailor made category management for the larger international retailers both offline and online. 

In 2007 JTG joined forces with HTG, one of the business segments of B&S Group S.A. which enabled us to accelerate our growth and continue to do so. This resulted in today’s operation with offices in the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Germany, USA and China. To maximize the service to our customers in China besides our office in Beijing we have warehouse facilities in Hong Kong..

ABOUT B&S Group S.A.

B&S Group S.A. is a value adding distributor of Consumer Goods (Health & Beauty, Liquors, Food & Beverages, Electronics) in over 100 countries and acts as a single source supplier to attractive channels and specialized markets worldwide. We supply four main markets; Retail B2B, Maritime, Remote and Retail B2C. By providing tailored solutions throughout the supply chain, we link suppliers and customers that would otherwise find it difficult to connect. The Group operates through the HTG Segment, the B&S Segment and the Retail Segment. Each segment is responsible for developing and executing its strategy and business plan, all based on our source-serve-supply business model. B&S Group S.A. has been publicly listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 23 March 2018






JTG is a flexible organization and offers high service. All requirements of importance for a retailer are present;

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) JTG is able to transfer documents electronically with our relations. With this system, we can adapt easily to their wishes and keep stock for them up-to-date in accordance with their demands.

Stock management: Through the possibilities the warehouse of JTG offers, we are able to keep large stock, which is kept in accordance with the wishes of our relations. In this way, we make sure we can deliver the right products anytime they wish.

Packing requirements: Special labeling and packing instructions can be made for each individual customer.

Order picking is handled from large container shipments to small individual packages drop shipped to online consumers, using our intelligent robotized storage facility.




JTG takes care of the distribution for several international beauty brands to the world’s leading retailers which we supply on a contractual base. Through our extensive knowledge of the market and state of the art warehouse and logistics facilities we are able to support these brands in the best way possible. 

Australian Gold       
KKW Fragrance




JTG WWL has acquired the global license for the Voice Perfume in 2013 and in the same year launched two unique fragrances for both men and women. The Voice is the purest vocal talent competition ever, broadcasted in over 180 countries worldwide with more than 500 million viewers around the world. 

The launch of the Voice Perfume has been an instant success because of its unique design for both the product as the packaging. It is currently sold in over 50 countries. Because of this success, the product line has been extended with additional colors and fragrances, as well as a perfume collection with 20 ml editions for men and women. For more information please visit The Voice website




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